Naming and brand identity design for American CPA firm Kinline

Chicago and Phoenix, USA

Company Profile

After several years working in the finance and accounting industry, Kinline founder Alex (Al) Pietrasiuk decided to start his own firm of CPAs working with young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Alex was keen to embrace new technologies and work with clients who do the same, championing a more communicative approach to that of the traditional CPA / client relationship. From the outset it was clear that Alex wanted his new company to help steer his clients business decisions and progress, providing a high level of ongoing communication and dialogue throughout the working relationship.

In Alex's words "We're not going to simply email our clients once a year and then not speak to them for eleven months, we want them to understand we're here for ongoing dialogue and open communication...to steer their progress... We're on board with our clients for the long term"


Alex approached Prosper to develop his yet unnamed company's branding and website design. With no current branding or online presence whatsoever, Alex worked with Prosper through our brand strategy workshop to uncover the motivations, objectives and values that compelled Alex to start his new company from scratch. I worked with Alex on a detailed brand strategy questionnaire to understand who his target audience is, what his point of differentiation is for his new company, and how he would approach working with his clients.

After completing the brand strategy workshop I began the naming process, working with Alex to drill down through his thoughts and ideas to formulate a company name that was both memorable and meaningful, and of course different to the common trends I see in CPA and accountancy brand naming. From here, armed with the information we uncovered through our strategy workshop and a new name, we set about designing a brand identity that would serve to represent Alex's vision, and importantly, differentiate Alex's firm and resonate with his target audience.


Our brand strategy workshop helped uncover the clarity and direction behind Kinline for Alex, allowing us to develop the company positioning statement and strapline. With the audience and brand values in mind from here, we undertook several naming exercises, to arrive at 'Kinline' a name with a relevant and personal history for Alex.

A confident and clean colour pallet lends itself to the Kinline logo, helping position them as a contemporary and forward-looking CPA firm. The Kinline branding is accompanied by a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, social media images, business stationery and a website.


Brand Strategy workshop
Copywriting and content workshop
Brand identity development
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Business Stationery
Social Media branding

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