Welcome to Prosper, a naming and branding agency.

I help build brands from the inside out, so they can be experienced from the outside in...

Prosper naming and branding agency

The act of branding is to go through the thought process about how you want your company to be perceived, and then taking the steps to create that perception.

My name is Ben Stanbury. I work with clients worldwide delivering brand strategy, naming, identity design and website development.

My clients share a common ground; a desire to be deliberately differentiated. So I'm here for the perception shifters and the outside thinkers... and for firms that don't want to look like the other firms...

Brand Workshops

Strategic groundwork is required to help businesses connect their brands with their customers in a meaningful way. My brand workshops are collaborative, focused and fun, bringing alignment of vision and clarity to the table for business owners.

Brand Strategy Workshops by Prosper

Verbal Identity

Done right, good brand names stick. They're the most recalled asset of your company’s brand, shaping perceptions and lasting years. I help business owners develop names that are memorable, meaningful, and that open the door to interesting brand identity design via a thorough and creative process.

Verbal identity design by Prosper

Visual Identity

I create brand identities for businesses that help them connect with their audience on an emotional level. Logo design, colour schemes, choice of font and images all work as a system to resonate specifically with the audience your business is trying to attract.

Brand identity design by Prosper

Website Design

As your largest marketing asset, your website is a key investment, bringing together the core of your brand strategy, your visual identity and tone-of-voice so you can communicate effectively with your audience.  

Website development by Prosper

Creative services designed to help my clients overcome common industry problems

Your firm is operating with an old ‘legacy’ brand identity that looks outdated.

Your company and services have evolved, but your branding does not reflect this.

Your firm struggles to attract staff or resonate with a younger generation of business owners.

Your branding and website look much the same as your competitors and do not stand out.

Your firm faces competition from those who have invested in fresh and modern branding.

Your branding is not consistent across your marketing channels and lacks a clear message.

Your company name is not memorable or lacks imagination.

You need to vastly improve your poorly performing website and online presence.

"By the end of the project, we had an accounting firm brand that we could not be more proud of… Ben could not have been easier to work with"

Alex Pietrasiuk - Kinline CPAs