Brand strategy workshops, brand naming, identity design and website development.

From delivering 'ah ha' moments of clarity in brand strategy workshops to developing brand names that cut through the noise, find out more about my four core services below...

Brand Workshops

Turning complex strategy into ‘ah ha!’ clarity

Strategic workshops that give business owners that 'ah ha' moment. Designed to create a unified and clear vision of your businesses’ purpose, personality and positioning. Delivered in-house or remotely.

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Brand Purpose

Why does your business exist beyond the requirement to make a profit. What is your mission and your vision?


Who do you help, and what problem are you solving for them?


Who are your competition, and what opportunities can you identify from them?


Why should people buy from you? What is your USP and how are you really different from the competition?


Imagine your business as a person. How would it speak and act? Funny? Serious? Rebellious? Caring?


How do you want your business to be understood and what do you want to be known for?

Verbal Identity

Easy on the ears...
It's got a ring to it...
Good mouth feels...

However it sounds, together we’ll craft a brand name and language that is both irresistible and unforgettable to your audience.

Brand identity design by Prosper

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A naming process designed to invigorate your shareholders, spark creative thinking and push towards a brilliant outcome.


Distilling your brand essence into a simple and memorable phrase, the single thing you want to be remembered for.


How would your firm sound if it could talk? Authoritative, fun, energetic? I'll help your brand personality shine through in the words you use and how you use them.

Visual Identity

For firms that don’t want to look like the other firms

Sure, it looks good, but how does it make your audience feel? Strategically developed brand identity design that attracts and connects.

Brand identity design by Prosper

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Brand Elements

Colour schemes, font choices, illustrations and icons, and of course not forgetting the cornerstone of your brand identity, your logo.

Brand Assets

From social media page design, to print and exhibition graphics, make sure you're seen consistently wherever you face your customers.

Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive brand identity guide to help your internal team maintain brand consistency across your touch points.

Website Design

not templated  

Websites that combine your strategy, identity and tone-of-voice to create a powerful and irresistible marketing asset.

Website development by Prosper

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Unique designs

All of my websites are designed with strategy and your target audience top-of-mind. So, like your brand identity, your website will be designed to resonate specifically with the people you’re trying to reach.

Manageable content

Want to get your thought-leadership out there? Want your team to be able to update, add and change content? No problem. I'll show you how to harness the integrated blogging functionality that is powerful yet simple to use.

Essential integrations

I can link your website to your favourite software and social media platforms, including Hubspot, Mailchimp, Typeform, and of course Facebook and the necessary Google integrations.


Clean, semantic code, combined with an ultra-modern development platform means your website will be lightening fast, and work on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.


With built in SSL security and 99.9% uptime hosted on Amazon CDN servers you’ll never have to worry about your website not being live. Or forgetting to renew your security certificates, or endless plug-in updates... as it should be.

SEO friendly

Fully integrated SEO control means your website has SEO best practice baked in from the ground up. From headings, to page titles and descriptions, I'll ensure Google (and people) can quickly grasp what your business is all about.