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Differentiating Zyla Accountants with a bold and colourful brand identity

Company Profile

Zyla Accountants are a modern, paperless accountancy practice based at Plexal, in South London. Zyla Accountants deliver accountancy services for businesses and entrepreneurs that value flexibility, adaptability and reliability above all else. The Zyla Accountants journey began in true start-up style back in 2017, when co founders Latha Bala and Suzy Kerton spotted a gap in the market for accountants who are willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

These forward-thinking co-founders realised that an alarming number of accountancy firms were still stuck in the dark ages – so they set out to use modern technologies to make managing accounts simpler and quicker. They understood the frustration felt by many companies and individuals who were waiting for days for a reply from their accountants – so they set up a firm that strives to respond to all calls and emails within just 24 hours. They created a company that truly cares about the financial success of businesses like yours.


Zyla Accountants co founders Suzy Kerton and Latha Bala asked Prosper to develop a brand identity and logo design that would differentiate their company from the many accountants that rely on traditional positioning, branding and the oft-used colour palette of blue and grey. The brand identity needed to reflect the modern, forward thinking approach that Zyla Accountants take with their clients, and communicate the company values; modern, client focused, excellent communication and willing to go the extra mile.


Prosper delivered a bold and colourful logo mark for Zyla Accountants, reinforcing the company name, and positioning them as a company that take a refreshingly pro-active role in their clients business. Two logo lock-ups, and a graphic device allow Zyla Accountants to utilise their branding across a wide spectrum of print and digital scenarios,. These logo deliverables are underpinned by a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, allowing the client to maintain brand continuity when creating further marketing material.


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