Olivine Partners

Reflecting Olivine Partners unique personality via a striking website

London, UK

Company Profile

Olivine Partners is an independent corporate finance and specialist tax advisory practice based in Central London.

From managing company acquisitions and overseeing restructurings to providing all manner of financial, strategic and operational assistance, Olivine Partners uses its extensive expertise to help entrepreneurs navigate common business challenges and grow their organisations sustainably.

The team specialises in advising company owners in a diverse range of sectors, including property, construction, communications and recruitment.


Stuart Cumberland, the company’s Managing Director, made it clear from the beginning that he was keen for us to develop a platform that looked nothing like a typical accountancy firm’s website.

He and the team wanted us to create a simple, easy to navigate website that makes good use of bright colours and aspirational imagery.


After an in-depth initial consultation, we developed a one-page interactive website that displays all the company’s key information in an easy-to-follow format.

Service information is kept clear and simple thanks to click-able, expandable tiles. The additional text in these sections has been added in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the clean, neatly balanced design.

Instead of a corporate strap line and a standard stock image, the main banner contains an image of Stuart’s favourite breed of dog!. As well as adding a distinctively personal touch to the design, we feel that the image enables us to better communicate Olivine Partners’ goal of elevating owner-managed businesses to a more prosperous future.


Website design and build

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