Branding and naming Canadian accountancy firm Numerity

Winnipeg, Canada

Company Profile

Canadian accountancy firm, JC CPA approached Prosper to undertake a full brand development and naming exercise. The client wished to reposition the company as the 'go-to' company of choice for Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs seeking outsourced, online CFO services. Owners Jim Clark and Christine Chung have extensive expertise in their fields and were looking to develop a brand that would firmly position their company and service in the eyes of their target audience.


The current company had no branding or web presence to speak of, and the owners were acutely aware of the importance of having an online presence and a position in the market. Prosper were tasked with developing a new name for the company and then their brand identity. We carried out a Brand Strategy workshop with the directors, as well as a copywriting workshop to identify their objectives, goals and target audience.


Via our naming process, we worked very closely with the owners to distil a list of possible names down to a final selected shortlist. Due-diligence and final checking, along with a healthy dose of gut feeling and instinct allowed us to arrive at the chosen name, 'Numerity'.

Our brand strategy workshop allowed us to develop the Numerity brand identity with the target audience firmly top-of-mind. We delivered a modern, flexible and distinguished brand identity for Numerity, helping position them as an experienced and capable outsourced CFO and accounting provider for Canadian business owners.


Brand Strategy workshop

Copywriting and content workshop


Brand identity development

Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Business Stationery

Social Media branding

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