My Future Pound

An SEO optimised blogging platform for Ade Omosanya

Chelmsford, UK

Company Profile

Ade Omosanya is a young entrepreneur, CEO and founder of AO Accountants Ltd. Ade’s passion for all things financial prompted him to create the blog ‘My Future Pound’ which offers thought-leadership and tips on a range of topics such as entrepreneurship, personal finances, productivity and side-hustles.


Ade wanted a modern blogging platform that he could easily update with content, while allowing readers to quickly find, read and share articles. The website needed to showcase Ade’s knowledge, and focus on his personal brand while allowing readers to subscribe and be alerted to new content as it is published.


A modern and responsive blogging website with a built-in database and Content Management System. The CMS was customised around Ade’s specification allowing articles to be added under various sub-categories, and is accessible from the simple-to-use, client-facing front end. The website allows readers to subscribe to a mailing list as well as an RSS feed, and, of course, follow My Future Pound on social media.


Website design and build

Social media page branding

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