A responsive website for American CPA firm Kinline

Chicago and Phoenix, USA

Company Profile

After several years working in the finance and accounting industry, Kinline founder Alex (Al) Pietrasiuk decided to start his own firm of CPAs working with young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Alex was keen to embrace new technologies and work with clients who do the same, championing a more communicative approach to that of the traditional CPA / client relationship. From the outset it was clear that Alex wanted his new company to help steer his clients business decisions and progress, providing a high level of ongoing communication and dialogue throughout the working relationship.

In Alex's words "We're not going to simply email our clients once a year and then not speak to them for eleven months, we want them to understand we're here for ongoing dialogue and open communication...to steer their progress... We're on board with our clients for the long term"


Following on from our work naming and branding Kinline we developed a responsive website to showcase the company's services and approach.

Utilising the brand colours we developed for Kinline, founder Alex was keen that the website avoided the cliches we often find in accountants and CPA websites.

Alex wanted to communicate his forward-thinking approach to working with his clients, from the high level of client communication he provides, to the utilisation of modern technology and apps to create efficient methods of working.


A bespoke and responsive website that utilises the colour pallet developed as part of our brand identity design for Kinline. A copywriting workshop and subsequent copy written by Prosper ensured the website message was on point and clearly spoke to Alex's target audience.

The website design is bold and colourful, making use of full-screen photography, and a clear hierarchy of information in order to communicate the services that Alex offers his clients. Bespoke icons and a simple navigation help further communicate the services Kinline offers, and an integrated Calendly booking form invites the reader to contact Alex at their convenience.


Copywriting workshop

A bespoke and responsive website

Social media profile creation and page branding

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