AO Accountants

Thought leadership and animated social content to increase brand awareness for this niched accountancy firm.

London, UK

Company Profile

Based in London, AO Accountants are a niched accounting firm specialising in supporting creative businesses in the media, design, technology and production space. They offer a range of accounting services, as well as a series of core and bespoke  packages to their clients based on their individual requirements.


AO Accountants were looking to produce targeted written content aimed at their audience of creative businesses. The objective was to then share this on social media to increase their brand awareness and help reinforce their positioning as the 'go-to' accountancy form for modern and creative businesses. Potential blog article titles were discussed and decided upon during an initial content strategy workshop between the directors and Prosper.


Prosper wrote a series of blog articles which included general advice such as the difference between setting up a business as a sole trader, partnership or limited company through to more client-specific articles on claiming R&D tax relief and ways to motivate young creative agency staff.

As part of the service, Prosper uploaded the content to the AO Accountants' website and produced a series of animated video posts to share the blog articles in a more engaging manner. AO Accountants have enjoyed an increase in traffic to their website as a result of sharing this content on their social channels, as well as a large increase in engagement on social media.


Content strategy workshop and blog article suggestions

Client-specific blog articles including;

How to motivate young agency staff with attractive package perks

Is now the time to register your creative business for VAT?

Hiring contractors and freelancers within your creative agency

Could your creative business be eligible for R&D tax relief?

Uploading content to the website and sharing it on social media

Creating a series of animated video posts to promote the blog articles on their social channels and their Google My Business profile. 

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