How I work with clients

"Brands are built from the inside out, but experienced from the outside in".

When you work with me, I'll steer you through a strategic process to determine how you want your company to be perceived and then, together, we'll take the steps to create that perception.

Ben Stanbury, director of Prosper
First Steps...
What to expect when you work with me:

Contact me here, we'll have a chat and I'll send you some info which gives you a guide to pricing, and what you can expect when you work with me on projects such as strategy workshops, naming and branding.

If you like what you see, and it makes sense for you to do so, you can book a free Discovery Call with me via the link in the PDF to go a bit deeper.
Getting to know your business
Book a Discovery Call

Getting to know you and your business is key. If you go ahead and book a free Discovery Call with me, we'll have a more in-depth chat about your business, and what your goals are. The Discovery Call is designed to help you understand branding and positioning in a simple, jargon-free way so you can begin to think about your brand and its unique selling points.

I'll give you a taste of how I approach branding in a short presentation. It's fun and fresh. I call it The Brand Cake.
Working with me:
Brand Strategy Workshops
After a Discovery Call, if you decide you'd like to work with me (and perhaps because I can't resists a pun, you're hungry for a slice of that Brand Cake), we enter into the engagement phase (i.e. paid-for consultation).
Stage 1.
In the first stage of a Brand Strategy Workshop I will take you and your shareholders through a series of steps and exercises to clarify your internal values and mission for the company. Crucially, we'll discuss who your audience is, what problems you solve for them, and why they should care.
Stage 2.
We need to understand your target audience first. This then allows us to develop that all-important tone-of-voice and a brand personality that will resonate with them.

What kind of words will you use, and how will you come across? Energetic? Authoritative? Fun? What will your target audience and customers find appealing?
Stage 3.
Connect & Captivate
Now you've aligned your internal brand and you've developed a tone-of-voice that resonates with your ideal customer and sets you apart from the competition...

As part of your brand workshop deliverables, I'll provide you with a Brand Strategy Framework Document that outlines our findings.

From here you can choose to move forward to develop a visual identity or you can treat the Brand Strategy Workshop as a stand-alone engagement.
Going beyond Brand Strategy Workshops
The next stage could be naming your company or developing a stand-out brand identity.

Brand strategy workshops always precede identity design projects. This is done to ensure all stakeholders are 'on the same page' from the start, and that we're clearly identifying the target audience before we can create a brand identity designed to appeal to them.
Start here... Let's help your brand prosper.
Have a project in mind? Contact me here.

First, we'll have a general chat about your project, and I'll send you my document 'What to expect when you work with Prosper'.

Graham Palfery-Smith - 6 CATS International

Ade Omosanya - AO Accountants and My Future Pound

"Ben at Prosper was a pleasure to work with… A year later, we are still getting compliments about our logo and website... Ben took a personal approach and we felt like more than just a client"

Jim Clark - Numerity