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August 23, 2017

Will your accountancy firm’s corporate culture make a difference to your marketing success?

Your company’s unique corporate culture will shape the growth of your organisation, and it will have a significant impact on your success of your marketing campaign.


e’re not going to beat around the bush here. We think you already know the answer. Yes – your company’s unique corporate culture will shape the growth of your organisation, and it will have a significant impact on your success of your marketing campaign. This is because:

The attitude and behaviour of your staff will directly impact your marketing communications.

If you are harvesting a team of unhappy, unmotivated workers, their negativity is eventually going to rub off on your clients.

In fact, anyone who comes into contact with your accountancy firm will leave with a sour taste in their mouth if they are not greeted by friendly, cheerful, positive-thinking staff who clearly want to do everything in their power to help them find solutions to their problems.

Remember that every member of your team is an ambassador for your company. If the people around you are not invested in your brand, great clients will slip through your fingers.  

Defining your company values is incredibly important if you want to build a successful, sustainable brand.

Think about it. All the best businesses stand for something.

Coca-Cola is led by “the courage to shape a better future”.

Facebook focuses on the impact it can have on its online communities.

Google knows that “the need for information crosses all borders”.

H&M “believes in people”.

IKEA is built on “humbleness and willpower”.

By making their core values clear, and ensuring that their messaging reflects everything they hold dear, all of these brands have made their own distinctive stamp on their respective markets. And their success is partly down to the way they have instilled their way of thinking into the people who are representing their business on a daily basis.

You can achieve exactly the same thing with your accountancy firm. You can establish your brand firmly in the minds of prospective customers, but – just as importantly - you can develop a clear sense of purpose and vision amongst your team by defining, and then communicating, your values.

Talk to your team about what sets your company apart from its rivals. Make it clear what you expect from them, and what they can expect from your brand. And eventually, you and your staff will be known for your collective ability to uphold your core values – an incredible marketing advantage in itself!

You need to take the time to work out how your values will shape your working environment – and ultimately, your corporate culture.

Remember that everything in your workspace – from the typeof desks you choose to the position of the water cooler – will affect the culture within it.

Are you a big believer in open communication? Design an open-plan office. Are you driven by results? Put together a progress board that outlines the work that’s been achieved to date on all of your key accounts, and make it visible to all staff. Create a space that promotes your values, and where your team will have everything they need to thrive. Only then will they be able to portray your company in its best possible light.  

Clients will naturally be attracted to a certain type of company culture.

Some clients value the traditional, tried-and-tested approach towards accounting. Others are keen to work with a firm that has the tools and technologies to deliver a more personalised experience, and is perhaps more open to new, more flexible, ways of working.

The culture within a company is often a direct reflection of its values – and its values will draw in clients who have a similar outlook.These kinds of clients will nearly always be a great fit for the brand.

So, by creating a brilliant corporate culture, you will naturally filter out interest from difficult, draining clients, and you will welcome in those who ‘get’ what you’re about. You will save time and money by automatically marketing your firm to people who are more likely to buy into you.  

And creating the right kind of internal culture will help you attract the kind of people who are going to help your business grow.

Nurture your staff, and they will nurture your customers. It really is that simple.

But you need to lead by example. Good company culture starts from the top.

Be honest. Be flexible. Be the kind of boss who takes the time to get to know your staff; who understands their motivations, recognises their concerns, and makes it possible for them to play to their strengths.

Taking the time to create an irresistible working environment for your best talent will make it harder for your competitors to turn their heads with better offers, too, which means you’ll retain their skills and experience for longer!  


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