Why is branding so vital for successful Financial Consultants?

Making time to work on your personal branding is vital for successful Financial Consultants


randing – and anything related to marketing, for that matter! – is often pushed down to the bottom of any financial consultant’s to-do list. You’re busy. You’re chasing after investment opportunities, researching industry trends, and maintaining relationships with your clients.You’re working long hours, and you don’t have time to work on your company visuals (and because it’s not your strong point, you don’t really want to either). But financial consultants who consistently neglect their corporate image come across as uninspiring at best. At worst, their poor branding could be making them appear totally incompetent, which is certainly not the impression they want to be leaving on their potential clients.

You don’t need to be running a multi-national, billion-pound organisation to generate better recognition and increased sales from great branding. Even independent financial consultants running their own micro-business will enjoy a healthy return on investment from professional design and branding.  

The benefits of strong branding

At Prosper, we firmly believe that well-thought-out branding is invaluable for financial consultants (and, in fact, anybody within the financial services sector).Great branding will help you…

Be visually memorable

A strong logo, supported by colourful, well-balanced branding, will stick in your clients’ minds. They will immediately be able to identify your company, even when they’re bombarded with marketing materials from your rivals.

Appear authoritative and credible

Clients – and the people they are referring to you – will respond much more positively to marketing materials that have been professionally designed.

Inject some personality into what you have to offer

Many people often think of the financial services industry as being old-school, set in its ways, and perhaps even a little boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have a little fun with your image by investing in a brand that makes good use of colourful graphics, bespoke illustrations and creative marketing techniques.

Set your client’s expectations from day one

Fully branded marketing assets will deliver a clear message, and this in turn will make it obvious to your clients exactly what they can expect from your services. This has two benefits. Firstly, those who are looking for someone with a different specialism or approach will immediately understand that you’re probably not the consultant for them. And secondly, your branding will be filtering out enquiries from the kinds of people you don’t want to work with.  

Ultimately, branding is important for financial consultants for the same reason it’s important for people in all other professions: it enables them to really and truly stand out from the crowd.  

Take the plunge. Invest in a branding strategy.

Branding does, of course, go far beyond simply coming up with a pretty logo and choosing a set of colours for your business stationery. From identifying target markets to coming up with an effective tagline and a strong accompanying value proposition, a talented brand identity specialist can do plenty more things to boost your company’s presence. Part of their job is also to ensure that you’re portraying a consistent image across all of your marketing channels and assets to save any confusion amongst the people who are likely to buy from you.

Many financial consultants are reluctant to pay a design specialist to develop their branding. In our experience, however, it’s an investment that will directly affect not only the influence that your company will have on your target market, but your business’ longevity, too. To discuss the benefits of branding for financial consultants in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We specialise in creating relevant, impactful brands for companies in the financial services sector, and we’re bursting with great ideas for your upcoming project.

Ben Stanbury, Director of Prosper, the naming and branding agency for Professional Service firms

Written by Ben Stanbury

April 25, 2022

Ben is a branding and naming consultant. As the owner of Prosper he regularly blogs on the topic of branding, naming and differentiation for professional service firms. Among other things, he likes horror films, mountain biking and collecting vintage movie posters.

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