Website Design for Accountants - Our process explained (with absolutely zero jargon!)

Commissioning an agency to design and build a website for your accountancy practice needn’t be a daunting task. In this article, we break down our process to explain how we work closely with our clients on each stage of the design and build process.


ommissioning an agency to design and build a website for your accountancy practice needn’t be a daunting task. Here we break down our process to simply explain how we work with our accountant clients when we design websites for them.

We understand that different accountants will have different website requirements and functions, but ultimately you’ll want your website to communicate effectively with your audience, drive enquiries and act as the central hub of your marketing efforts.

At Prosper we understand the accounting website landscape because we’ve conducted in-depth research into how accountants present themselves online. In this article we explain our simple 5-step process of how we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver websites that educate, inform and perform.

Ultimately you’ll want your website to communicate effectively with your audience, drive enquiries and act as the central hub of your marketing efforts.

Proposal meeting (a.k.a Saying Hello!)

Initially, we’ll meet either in person or via a video call to find out a little more about you and your business. We’ll chat about the aspirations you have for your new website, who your target audience is, and the potential functions and integrations you may require. You will give us an understanding of your working budget and time frames, allowing us to create a proposal that meets your requirements. We’ll then write your proposal, outlining the website scope and our fees and email it to you.

Stage 1 - Discovery Workshop and Brief (Getting under the hood of what you need)

If you decide to work with us, in our Discovery Workshop we’ll use questionnaires and exercises to gain a deeper understanding of your brand values, company goals, target audience and how you wish to position yourself in the eyes of your audience, and against your competition. From here we’ll write the creative brief, formalising the scope, page count and functions of the website. The brief will allow you to understand how your website will work, what its core functions will be, and what you can expect from us.

We appreciate you're accountants, not web designers, which is why our process is collaborative, transparent and straightforward...

Stage 2 - Content and design (Putting the words, images and the page designs together)

Working via a file-sharing service such as Dropbox you will supply us with any necessary brand assets such your logo, brand guidelines and any staff photography. Optionally, we can revamp your existing website copy, or write entirely new copy to formulate your key messages whilst adhering to your company tone-of-voice, whilst sounding compelling, persuasive and above all, human!.

Regardless of whether you choose to engage us in copywriting services or not, we will ensure your Page Titles and Page Descriptions are written with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and we can also supply a range of good quality stock photography which is included in your website quote. Once we have all the content and copy in place, we’ll begin the design process, creating visual mock-ups of your website pages. Page mock-ups allow you to understand how your site will look when displayed on various devices, and will inform the design direction of your site. Once you're happy with the look and feel, and the visual direction is agreed, we will design the remaining pages and send them to you for feedback and sign off.

We provide video training allowing you to add blog articles... as well as make any tweaks and edits as you see fit, with absolutely no specialist knowledge required...

Stage 3 - Website build (Watch your site come to life!)

Working from our agreed design visuals, we’ll begin the build stage of your website. You’ll be able to keep track of the progress in private ‘staging domain’ as we pull together the written and visual content and systematically publish the website as it progresses. We will link your social media profiles, create your content management systems and ensure your website works perfectly across modern web browsers and devices. Naturally, your new website will be secure, accessible and optimised for Search Engines (SEO).

Stage 4 - Hand over and training (Your new website is ready!)

Once you’ve signed off on your website we’ll transfer it to your domain. We’ll then provide video training allowing you to add blog articles to your Content Management System as well as make any tweaks and edits as you see fit. We are of course on hand to answer all questions and provide support should you need it.

Prosper is now listed as one of the top recommended website design companies on DesignRush. So, if you're considering investing in your website to differentiate your accountancy firm, attract new clients or even attract new staff, speak to Ben at Prosper to find out how we can help. We're experts at providing research driven brand differentiation for our clients whether in the UK or abroad.

Ben Stanbury, Director of Prosper, the naming and branding agency for Professional Service firms

Written by Ben Stanbury

September 14, 2022

Ben is a branding and naming consultant. As the owner of Prosper he regularly blogs on the topic of branding, naming and differentiation for professional service firms. Among other things, he likes horror films, mountain biking and collecting vintage movie posters.

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