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September 23, 2019

How we differentiated Zyla Accountants

When we undertook a branding and website design project for London based Zyla Accountants we looked at how we could attempt to differentiate the company through colour, design and best practices.


ondon based Zyla Accountants contacted Prosper to help with their rebranding and website requirements. After an initial meeting, we conducted a brand workshop with the directors to find out more about their business, and how Zyla Accountants take a refreshingly modern approach to working with their clients.

We then begun the process of developing a new brand identity for Zyla Accountants as well as a responsive website which allows for edits and changes to content. The new website also features an integrated blogging platform allowing the directors to write blog posts and share them on social media channels.

Here are five ways we have attempted to differentiate Zyla Accountants from their industry peers:

Brand colours and logo design

When developing the Zyla Accountants brand identity, we purposefully eschewed the traditional blue and grey colour schemes adopted by over 50% of accountants. Instead we chose a vibrant colour palette and gradient system to reflect the companies modern approach and values. A colourful logo consisting of a graphic device and word-mark allows for flexible but consistent use of the brand identity, which is underpinned by a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines for Zyla Accountants help keep the company branding consistent throughout their marketing touch-points

Website design and hierarchy of information

Our research shows that many accountants websites lack a hierarchy of information in their design, meaning that sometimes the most pertinent information is not always clearly visible or immediately obvious. With Zyla Accountants we made sure that their website had a modern and visually uncluttered design, and their positioning statement is clear, being one of the first things a visitor will see.

The Zyla Accountants website is responsive and features the company positioning statement clearly


Having an integrated blogging platform on your website is essential, allowing you to share important content such as company news, downloadable resources and helpful information with your visitors. Publishing a new blog post is a great way to share your insight and expertise, in turn adding value to your social media efforts.


By working with our copywriters we made sure that Zyla Accountants were clearly articulating their strengths, messaging and positioning to their site visitors via expertly crafted, SEO friendly written copy.

Having an integrated blogging platform on your website is essential, allowing you to share important content with your visitors

Social media links

Having the Zyla Accountants social media links visible on their website allows site visitors to quickly engage with the company via their social channels as well as providing various ways for site visitors to contact them. This is also true for the blog posts which contain social media links, so viewers can quickly and easily share new blog articles and insights on their own social media channels.

Written by Ben Stanbury

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