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December 13, 2021

In discussion with Chris Rivera at Entigrity on brand differentiation, naming and employer branding for accountants

How can accountants harness their brand identity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace? We discuss the importance of naming, colours, logo design and employer branding for accountancy firms.


discuss the various ways accountants can harness their branding to stand out in the marketplace with Chris Rivera, Director of Client Relations at Entigrity.

Entigrity is a leading offshore staffing solutions provider to major accounting and tax firms situated across North America, helping small and mid-sized accounting business firms hire qualified and experienced offshore staff at economic costs.

In this episode of the BKOT podcast I discuss with Chris, how accountants can differentiate through various elements of their brand identity, from their name, brand colours, positioning statement, using social media and writing their own, original blogging content.

Click the video below to watch now.

Written by Ben Stanbury

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