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January 14, 2020

5 website features that really matter to businesses in 2020

Forget 'out there' mouse cursors and having to chase that moving menu item around the screen. Here are 5 really important website elements that grown-up business will want to make sure they have in 2020.

Website Design

ebsite trends come and go, however for professional service firms, where clear messaging and positioning is important, the following website features are a must. Follow these pointers below to ensure your website is compliant, accessible and does the job it sets out to do.


If you have clients anywhere in the European Union your website needs to be GDPR compliant. This means you need to advise your site visitors that your site uses cookies and give them the option to accept the usage of cookies on your website or decline. 


Websites should be designed with accessibility in mind to ensure that those with certain disabilities can still use your website. For developers this means paying attention to several components of the website including (but not limited to): 

Marking up your website section properly with h tags

Using Alt tags on your images

Using focus states in navigation menus

Using enough colour contrast

Not relying on colour alone as a differentiator between sections or parts 

Using labels in your contact forms

Allowing navigation of your website with a keyboard


Making sure your website features content and Calls to action that meet your visitors who are at different parts of their sales cycles. Are you promoting awareness and consideration through social media, sharing blog articles (your thought leadership) and offering clients the opportunity to sign up to a monthly newsletter? Does your website help improve your chances of appealing to those in the selection stage by offering free downloadable content such as ebooks? Contact forms and call back options will help those in the selection stage make contact with you. 

Clear positioning and value proposition

Allowing you website visitors to quickly understand what you do, who you do it for and how this will benefit the client is the first thing the client needs to understand when they visit your website. What is it you do to help them solve their problem and can you give them an example? People want to understand what you can do for them, not how you approach doing it, meaning you should discuss the outcomes, not the process.

People want to understand what you can do for them, not how you approach doing it, meaning you should discuss the outcomes, not the process.

Hierarchy of important information via copywriting, design and navigation

Use graphic and typographic design to place the most relevant information for your client where is can be easily seen. Ensure navigation is intuitive, simple and easily accessible. Effective design and copywriting ensures good communication of your proposition.

For more information about website design best practice for accountants and financial consultants download our free ebook from our resources page here...

Written by Ben Stanbury

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