5 ways to make your accountancy practice website stand out

Getting your accountancy practice website to stand out from the crowd needn't be hard. Make sure your positioning statement is clear and get down to writing a couple of blog posts... because you'll be surprised how many accountants don't...


ur research shows that accountancy practices often overlook the importance of good communication and effective marketing, instead relying on unremarkable branding and text heavy web pages that fail to communicate clearly.

Follow our five tips to help set your Accountancy practice website apart…

1) Be braver with your branding

50% of the practices we looked at use blue as a main brand colour, and 59% used blue within their branding as a whole. With a fresh approach to brand colours you can stand out in what is a sea of blue and grey… and why not?

2) Write original blog content

Having an automated HMRC news content feed on your website does little to demonstrate your expertise, can damage your SEO and does not count as an original blog. Try copying and pasting the first few lines of your most recent news feed into Google and see how may practices display exactly the same articles as you. Write original and helpful blog content that is aimed at your specific audience, and then share it on social media in order to drive people back to your website. Only 18% of the practices we looked at bothered to write original blog content, so don’t simply tell your viewers you’re the experts, show them through some interesting, relevant and helpful written content.

Having an automated HMRC news content feed on your website does not count as an original blog.

3) Clearly state your positioning

What exactly do you do and who do you do it for? Make your positioning statement centre stage on your website and make sure that is what your visitor sees when they land on your website… too much text (along with poor design) simply confuses your visitor (which we discuss in this article)…

4) Invest in professional graphic and website design

In our research we’ve seen some stunning website design for accountants and our fair share of terrible designs…. Of course we don’t expect all our clients to necessarily grasp the fundamentals of good design but to eschew professional design (especially as a way to save money perhaps)  will not help your practice differentiate and will in fact make your practice look unprofessional. A well designed website will help your viewers understand exactly what you do and provides an intuitive and pleasant browsing experience, as well as ensuring your site functions on mobile devices, loads quickly and ranks in search engines.

Website pages with too much text can simply confuse the visitor

5) Offer viewers useful - and free - resources.

Perhaps you could write a handy guide for small business, a pros and cons guide to registering for VAT if you are under the threshold. Consider a simple guide to business banking accounts, or even an embedded tax calculator. Again these are all things you can then add to your social media feeds as a way to draw visitors back to your website. You will know what your customers want and what they will find useful so try and provide some helpful and free resources for them to consume.

Written by Ben Stanbury

April 25, 2022

Ben is a branding and naming consultant and the owner of Prosper. He writes regularly for the Prosper blog, on the topic of branding, naming and differentiation for professional service firms. He is a contributor to the Entigrity blog, and has conducted research into the branding and naming trends for accountants and CPAs in the UK and the USA

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