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January 24, 2019

5 Reasons why your practice may need a rebrand

There are several reasons why your accountancy practice may need a rebrand, beyond simply needing to keep up with your competitors.


ne of the simplest and succinct definitions of branding comes from Debbie Millman, from the School of Visual Arts who explains “Branding is deliberate differentiation” People are of the opinion that accountancy practices generally do the same things for their clients, therefor your branding and the way you articulate your point of difference is vital. If you’ve recently decided to specialise or adjust your positioning to cater for a more niche target audience you may be well considering a rebrand - in fact it could be a vital part of the process of educating your new or existing customers.

Here are five scenarios you may find your practice in that will necessitate a branding or rebrand exercise (starting with the obvious;

Your local competition are more appealing to your audience than your practice

Your local competition have just had a new website done, and it’s looking good. You’re website is tired and your branding is now looking positively out of date… You have a desire to reposition or to strengthen your positioning among your competition.

You’re a newly set up practice

You’re starting a new practice either by yourself or with a colleague. You need a brand identity developed, business stationery and an online presence.

You’ve changed your practice name

Your company name feels dated, or perhaps it no longer represents the kind of business you do. Your name is misleading to your customers, or you’ve merged your practice with another practice.

You need to integrate your marketing efforts

Your branding touch points are not consistent because you don’t have a set of brand guidelines, your business cards are looking tired or everything look like it’s produced by several different companies.

You’re merging practices or acquiring a competitors practice

You need to communicate your new position of strength in the market. You need a new name to better represent your services and create a brand identity around that.

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