Brand identity design for Accountants, CPAs and Business Advisers

Brand differentiation that delivers real competitive advantage. Be the brand that leads the way. The brand that clients will find impossible to ignore.

We develop effective differentiation of your brand through workshops, research and strategy. Uncovering those essential elements that make your firm unique and communicating them to your target audience.


Brand audit
Brand strategy workshop
Brand identity development
Brand guidelines
Messaging and tone of voice
Canadian accountants branding by Prosper
You know your firm’s strengths, but is your branding doing them justice? Or is your image leaving your ideal clients unimpressed?

The profession is notoriously uninspiring when it comes to design and marketing, with very few firms creating stand-out brands. We can make you one of the few who are really making their mark.

The Prosper Process will identify your point of difference, through a process of discovery, implementation and delivery. Our brand audit workshops help us to understand your business: what drives you and what you can offer that others can’t.

The outcome? A focus and a unified direction, delivering a brand identity that clearly elevates your positioning.

What's included? 

✔ Discovery session and brand workshop
✔ Brand concept design
✔ Brand concept presentation
✔ Delivery of logo files (print, digital)
✔ Comprehensive brand guidelines
✔ Social Media page branding
✔ Business stationery design
6 CATS International branding by Prosper

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