Our mission...

“Deliver first class brand identities and touch-points for accountants, CPAs and business advisers”

About us...


We're a specialist and unique branding agency with a laser-focus on brand differentiation for accountants.


We work with clients in the UK and abroad. Our process allows us to deliver our services remotely or in person.


As graphic designers and copywriters we know how to shift the resonance of your brand from the rational to the emotional.


We've undertaken unique, in-depth research into the branding and marketing habits of accountants in the UK.


We've been published in AAT Magazine for our research into 500 accountants in London and the South East.


We're winners of Best New Company Award at the Essex Business Awards 2019, held at the beautiful Braxted Park in Essex.


We're long-time members of the Design Business Association, the design industry's trade association, which champions the power of design.


We like to write about branding, design and marketing, regularly publishing articles on naming, website design, social media, and branding tips.

Our people...

Ben Stanbury

Ben Stanbury Director of Prosper

What do you do at Prosper?
I'm the Director of the company and oversee the direction of Prosper on a day-to-day basis. I'm the one you'll chat with on the phone and meet in the meetings and I'm also heavily involved with all design work we complete.

Horror films, podcasts, vintage movie posters, walking the dog, good coffee, making lists.

Poorly made tea, rain, forgetting something because it wasn't on a list.

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Danielle Haley

Danielle Haley content consultant at Prosper

What do you do at Prosper?
I’m a content consultant, which means I help businesses clarify their messaging and refine their marketing communications. With nearly a decade’s experience in SEO, I also advise on search marketing strategy and produce text that’s optimised to perform well in Google and the other major search engines.

Good music, good conversation, and a nice glass of wine in the sunshine.

Bad spelling, rude people, and tech that doesn’t work as it should!

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Chris Chenery

Chris Chenery Senior Designer at Prosper

What do you do at Prosper?
My role as senior designer means I will often get involved in the design process on some projects, or act as a consultant on others. With 30 years experience, much of which was spent as a partner in a London based graphic design agency, I’ve been involved in a broad range of projects over the years for clients based around the world.

Football, improvised comedy, appreciating architecture, walking, excellent coffee.

Repetition, double spaces and typos, bananas, being cold, repetition.

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Ian J Taylor

Danielle Haley content consultant at Prosper

What do you do at Prosper?
I’m the principle web developer for Prosper, responsible for turning our client designs into fully functioning responsive websites. I am a Webflow professional, experienced in html, css, javascript and specialist integrations such as Zapier & Integromat which allow Prosper to offer 'outside the box' web solutions for our clients.

Passionate about music, cats and good steak!. At my happiest finding solutions to impossible problems.

Cheap coffee, bad steak and people who lack humility.

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